Hygienic Film

Hygienic Film

Hygienic Industry includes baby diapers, sanitary pads, medical absorbents.

We offer complete solution from extrusion, printing, coating of the hygienic films.

Basic Structure of a Baby Diaper

Structure of a Baby Diaper

Solutions Offered

We provide the technology and know how to make the following products.

Breathable Film

Breathable Film

A Film which is slightly permeable to gases but not to liquids. This film is extensively used in baby diapers and sanitary pads to prevent skin rashes..

Melt Embossed Film

Non-Breathable Film 

A melt embossed film is used as a backsheet of the baby diaper to prevent the liquid from leaking out of the diaper.

Hygienic Film Printing

Film Printing

Hygienic film has to be printed to achieve the required branding for the baby diaper, sanitary pad etc. Cerutti offers rotogravure presses

Hygienic Film Lamination

Film Lamination

Different layers of the hygienic film need to be laminated to achieve the desired combined properties of the diaper.

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