Colines Extrusion

GRUPPO COLINES HOLDING, through the subsidiaries COLINES spa and ELAV srl, designs and manufactures extrusion lines mainly using cast and blown technology.

Founded in 1973 as Colinex, the company has three production units that cover a surface of 50,000 square meters, which are located in strategic locations namely:

  • COLINES® Novara Factory Nibbia (Novara)
  • COLINES Azzate Factory - Azzate (Varese)
  • Colines Marano Factory
  • Colines Bastia Umbra
  • Colines USA Corporation
  • ELAV Factory- Cameri (Novara)

Colines voted as “Champion” by ItalyPost

"Colines is the world leader in cast film extrusion technology"

Colines Launches 

MOPP Film Extrusion Line!!