Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Industry includes passenger, military, space sector 
The Make in India campaign has given a big push to the ancillary industry for Aerospace
India today manufactures complete Spacecrafts and satellites for space explorations

Solutions Offered

We provide the technology and know-how to make the following products.

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum formed parts are extensively used in spacecrafts, aeroplanes and ancillary parts. Illig offers complete lines....

Bubbleguard Board

The patented alveolar board is used in making transport boxes used in the airports and aeroplanes due to its light weight and high strength

Technical Sheet

Special PC, PP, ABS, PMMA sheets are used in the manufcature of car parts. Breyer Extrusion Lines are widely used in this field.

Aero Body Stock

Aluminium is extensively used in building aeroplane bodies without compromising strength. Aluminium is rustproof and long lasting.


Composites have excellent characteristics like weight saving, extreme stability  enabling use in aerospace, vehicle and leisure industry.

Principals of Interest

Illig - Germany

Roll & Sheet Fed Thermoforming & Vacuum, Forming Machine, Form Fill Seal Machines Skin & Blister Packing Machines

Colines - Itay

Extrusion Plants for: CPP Film, MOPP film, MOPE Film, Stretch Film, Barrier Cast Film, Blown Film, Hygienic Film,
Air Bubble Film, Bubble Guard

Achenbach - Germany

Aluminium Foil Rolling Mill, Strip Mill,

Cold Rolling Mill, Hot Rolling Mill, Heavy Metal Rolling Mill, Foil Slitter, Rewinder, Doublers

Breyer - Germany

Extrusion Plants for: EVA Film, Optical film, Thermoforming Sheet, PC & PMMA Clear Sheet, Cosmetic Seamless Tubes & Lamitubes

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