Illig,  established  in  1946  is the  leader  in  the  field  of  thermoforming  and  packaging equipments.  

Vacuum Forming Machines  to produce  industrial components  for  refrigerators, automobiles,  air-crafts,  electronics,  etc.

Illig offers Automatic   thermoforming   machines   to   produce  cups  and  containers   from  HIPS, PP,  ABS,  PVC,  K-resin,  PET sheets. Roll  fed  machines with  separate forming  and  punching  to  produce trays, inlets, hinged packaging  & products  from  CPET

Blister Forming and Skin packaging machines for industrial products such as  blades, toothbrushes, toys, etc. Form,  Fill  and  Seal  machines for  food  packaging  and  industrial  products.

Mould   Making   department   and   tool   room.    ILLIG   can   supply    totally   integrated   systems (machine and tools)

Illig is the World Leader in Thermoforming

"The inventor of Modern Day Thermoforming"

Illig is proud to launch Patented


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