Breyer Extrusion

Composite TapeFlex Lines

TapeFlex Lines

Composites possess a wide range of excellent characteristics. Great weight saving while at the same time extreme stability enables the growing use in aerospace, vehicle and leisure industry. Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic tapes provide reinforcement where the stress is particularly high. They can be produced in various material combinations and are particularly flexible in use. 

The new BREYER TapeFlex extrusion line offers everything you need for the production of high-quality fiber-reinforced thermoplastic tapes. 


Technical Specifications

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Width of the tape: 75 mm and 240 mm(other widths on request)
Thickness of  the tape: 100 µm – 350 µm
Matrix Material: PA, PP, ASA (other materials on request)
Fiber Material: Carbon, Glass, Aramid & Natural Fibers
Line Speed: 12 m/min


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  • Processing of various thermoplastics possible
  • Evenly spread fiber
  • Homogenous fiber embedding
  • Intensive impregnation of fibers with melt
  • Smooth surfaces due to calendering process


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Fiber Reinforced Tapes for

  • Automotive Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Construction
  • Carbon Fiber Bikes

Composite Tapes


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Possible fiber materials

  • Carbon fibers (already successfully implemented on Tapeflex systems)
  • Glass fibers (already successfully implemented with Tapeflex systems)
  • Aramid fibers (subject to appropriate absorption of pultrusion tensile forces)
  • Natural fibers (subject to appropriate absorption of pultrusion tensile forces) 

Common material combinations

  • PP + GF 
  • PP + CF
  • PA + GF
  • PA + CF
  • ASA + GF 

Other matrix materials

PP (already successfully implemented in Tapeflex systems)
PA (already successfully implemented in Tapeflex systems)
ASA  (already successfully implemented in Tapeflex systems)

PE,  ABS,  PC,  PET,  PES,  POM, TPE, TPU etc.  (subject to the corresponding good fiber impregnation properties such as sufficiently high MFI)

Final Tape Features

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Strong and flexible – uni-directionally fiber-reinforced thermoplastic tapes

  • Smooth surfaces due to calendering process
  • Strong and flexible – Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic tapes from BREYER extrusion lines
  • Various fiber types such as carbon, glass, aramid, etc. can be processed. As thermo­plastics, for example PA, PP, ASA can be used.


Dimensions of tape
Width: 75 – 240 mm
Thickness: 100 – 350 µm


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