Rigid Packaging

Hi-Tech International offers many solutions for Rigid Packaging

Technologies Offered: Thermoforming, Extrusion, Blow Moulding, Aluminium Rolling

Solutions Offered

We provide the technology and know how to make the following products.

Plastic Disposables

Widely used in QSR restaurants due to its convenience, hygiene and low costs. We offer complete solution to make.....

Packaging Tubs

Packaging Tubs

Packaging containers are widely used in the FMCG industry to pack products for distribution. We offer complete solution to make..


Thermoformed IML 

Illig's patented T-IML system opens the door for brilliant decoration, high production, hygienic handling and economical costs.

Form Fill Seal

Illig offers complete FFS solutions for making rigid packs for jam, yoghurt, pickles, water, razors, toothbrush, toys,  etc

Extruded Tubes

Extruded Seamless tubes are widely used in for cosmetics. Breyer is the world leader in tube lines for symmetric and assymetric tubes.

Aluminium Can Stock

Alu CAN Stock

Aluminium CAN stock is used to make Aluminium Cans. Achenbach offers complete rolling mills to manufacture CAN stock

Aluminium Containers

Alu Foil Containers

Alufoil containers stay bright and reflective throughout processing and marketing. They can be embossed, colour lacquered or printed.

Blow Moulding 

Meccanoplastica offers injection-blow, extrusion-blow, stretch-blow moulding machines for varied applications.

Sheet to Bottle 

Illig's patented system makes it possible to thermoform bottles from sheets in big quantities. These bottles are light & strong. 

Principals of Interest

Breyer Extrusion

Breyer - Germany

Extrusion Plants for: 
EVA Film, Optical film, Thermoforming Sheet, PC & PMMA Clear Sheet, Cosmetic Seamless Tubes & Lamitubes 


Illig - Germany

Roll & Sheet Fed Thermoforming & Vacuum
Forming Machine, Form Fill Seal Machines Skin & Blister Packing Machines


Achenbach - German

Aluminium Foil Rolling Mill, Strip Mill,

Cold Rolling Mill, Hot Rolling Mill, Heavy Metal Rolling Mill
Foil Slitter, Rewinder, Doublers


Anistek - Germany

Aluminium Foil Container Press & Moulds, High Production Servo Systems - 4,5 Cavity, Patented - Mono 500 - Single Cavity System 



Blow Moulding machines for:
Extrusion Blow Moulding
Stretch Blow Moulding
Injection Blow Moulding

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