Specialized Coating Technology

Specialised coatings are used to impart required properties to the plastic films, paper or aluminium foil. A roll to roll coating system is used for these applications

Special Coating Systems for

VMCH Coating

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VMCH means Vinyl Acetate - Maleic Acid - Vinyl Chloride Copolymer.
V.M.C.H. Coating is done on Aluminium Foil followed by a thin coating of Shellac on Reverse Foil Surface to produce stock for Aluminium Blister Pack and Lidding Foils.

Barrier Coating

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Barrier coatings help keep moisture and oils inside of the packaging or keep moisture(WVTR) or oxygen(OTR) out of the packaging. Coating on a bakery box, for example, should be able to contain oil and grease inside the box, while coating on a paper cup should be able to keep fluids inside the cup. Products such as single-use seasoning packets should be able to keep out oxygen.
Barrier coatings can be transparent, recyclable and flexible.

Waterbased coating

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Water-based primers and coatings offer critical functionality to complex packaging structures for food, medical, and consumer goods applications.
Water based primers render packaging films and papers more receptive to extruded PE and PP film, thus the extrusion process is more efficient at lower temperatures, and the extrudate has better adhesion to the substrate. Available primer grades are optimized for applications ranging from very demanding retort packages to more basic end uses.
Water based functional coatings are added to water-based flexible packaging coatings to maximize the efficiency of form, fill and seal operations. Typical surface modifications include slip control, anti-blocking, mar resistance, and release. 
Water based heat seal coatings are  often primerless, and balance low initiation temperatures with high ultimate bond strength. 

Easy Peel Coating

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Lidding films are used for sealing to almost any kind of substrate like PP, HIPS, A-PET, C-PET, PVC, PE etc.
But an important function of the lidding foil is also to enable opening the seal before use. Special coatings are used to impart easy peel feature to the lidding foil.

Release Coating

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The release function of a coating is ability to easily and cleanly release the film from the food product. A frozen food tray, for instance, should prevent food and seasonings from sticking to it. Other conditions, such baking bread or cupcakes, also fall under the release classification.
Release coating in a technical product is the ability of the film to release from the product.

Registered Cold Seal

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Registered cold seal roll is required to pack milk chocolates, toffees, muffins, cakes, pastry, confectionery, cookies, gourmet biscuits, nutritional bars, snack bars, energy bars, protein bars, dietary bars, chocolate bar because these products are very sensitive to heat. The product can get de-shaped and melts if heat seal is applied. So we require cold seal or mechanical sealing to seal the plastic film.

Moisture and oxygen proof packaging is required to pack the protein bars or chocolate bars because there is a percentage of sugar inside. 

Cold seal is water based coating and this coating is FDA approved for direct food contact. 

PVDC Coating

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With middle barrier level of OTR and WVTR, PVDC coated film can be used in packaging field for food, medicine and chemicals etc. to extend shelf life. Coated film is a functional packaging film which is mainly used for packaging of food, drugs, cosmetics and other consumer goods.
PVDC coated PVC films for blister blister packing are offered with 40/60/90 gsm coating
PVDC coating is used as a barrier coating for packaging film.

Alu-Alu Cold Form Blister (CFB)

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Cold form blister packs are manufactured by sandwiching aluminum foil between Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and nylon (oPA) films using dry bond lamination technology. The film laminate is simply pressed into a mold by a stamp without applying heat. Thus the material is called cold forming blister laminate.

PSA Coating

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Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA, self-adhesive, self-stick adhesive) is a type of non reactive adhesive which forms a bond when pressure is applied to bond the adhesive with the adherend. No solvent, water, or heat is needed to activate the adhesive.
Silicone pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) have stability and flexibility that is unmatched by organic PSAs.

Battery Foil Coating

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Serving as the bridge between external electronics and internal lithium-ion transports, current collectors account for over 90% of the electric conductivity and ∼90% of the mechanical strength of the electrode in lithium-ion batteries (LiB). As such, selecting the right anode and cathode battery foil materials is critical to battery developers seeking to maximize the performance of their cells.
Battery foil is coated with proprietary slurry to achieve the desired electrical properties.

Silicone Coating

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Silicone coated paper imparts certain qualities to the paper including weight release, surface gloss, smoothness and reduced absorbency. The coated paper can then be used in food packaging, release paper and in magazines. However, the coating formulation needs careful consideration for the chemical additives and dispersants being used. The coating can be carried out by adjusting the thickness of coating, speed of coating and the curing temperature.
Silicone coated films are widely used in pressure sensitive adhesive applications as a carrier film
Silicone coated pet release film or Silicone pet Release Film is silicone coating on pet films,which is widely used in pressure sensitive adhesive applications as a carrier film or release liner.

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