Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar Panel Structure

Structure of a Solar Panel

Solutions Offered

We provide the technology and know how to make the following products.

Breyer EVA Line

Encapsulation Film - EVA, POE, TPU

EVA film for solar encapsulation is widely used in solar panels to encapsulate the solar cell. It offers protection, adhesion, shock absorption and above all long life to the solar panel.

Solar Backsheet

Solar Backsheet - Laminate

Solar backsheet provides electrical insulation for the solar panel. The solar backsheet is a three layer structure which must be laminated with a hi-tech adhesive for a long life.

Special Tapes

Special Tapes

Special adhesive tapes are extensively used in the solar industry which help in panel assembly to frame fitting to the final installation of the solar panel in the field.

Principals of Interest


Breyer - Germany

Breyer supplies complete extrusion lines to make solar EVA encapsulation film. Breyer's unique extrusion technology enables you to manufacture the highest quality EVA film at the fastest speed.

Polytype Converting

Polytype Converting - Swiss

Polytype Converting supplies complete coating lines to manufacture solar backsheets, special adhesive tapes. Polytype's proprietary coaters & dryers guarantee the highest quality.


Svecom - Italy

Lamination & Coating Lines: Solventless, Solvent Based, Water Based, Registered Cold Seal, VMCH, PVDC, VMCH, Selac, UV, Nano Coating


Olbrich - Germany

Complete Coating Lines for: Online & Offline systems for Film & Foil, Wall Covering, Flooring. Technical Textiles, Adhesive Tapes, Medical

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