Li Ion Battery

Li Ion Battery

How Do Li Ion Batteries Work?

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Li Ion Battery Structure

Structure of a Lithium Ion Cell

Li Ion Battery Electrodes

Serving as the bridge between external electronics and internal lithium-ion transports, current collectors account for over 90% of the electric conductivity and ∼90% of the mechanical strength of the electrode in lithium-ion batteries (LiB). As such, selecting the right anode and cathode battery foil materials is critical to battery developers seeking to maximize the performance of their cells.

Solutions Offered

We provide the technology and know-how to make the following products.

Aluminium Foil Copper Foil

Alu Foil, Copper Foil

Hi-Tech Aluminium foil is used in the production of Li Ion Battery electrodes. We offer complete solution to make Li Ion Battery foil.

Li Ion Battery Foil

Battery Foil Coating

Special coating lines for lithium electrode foil can be supplied by Polytype. These optimized lines can provide highest coating accuracy.

Li Ion Battery Calendering System

Calendering System

Compacting the coated foil is key to achieving the coating tolerances and avoiding the overheated zones in the battery.

Aluminium Foil Slitter

Foil Slitting

Coated foil needs to be slitted in to thin strips for finally cutting into desired lengths for the electrode. AB offers Cu, Alu foil slitting

Li Ion Battery Separator

Battery Separator

Polytype offers coating lines for Li Ion Battery separators. These PP, PE films are coated with accuracy and uniform drying...

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Achenbach Buschutten - Germany

Aluminium Foil Rolling Mill, Strip Mill, Cold Rolling Mill, Hot Rolling Mill, Heavy Metal Rolling Mill

Foil Slitter, Rewinder, Doublers


Breyer Extrusions - Germany

Extrusion Plants for: EVA Film, Optical film, Thermoforming Sheet, PC & PMMA Clear Sheet, Cosmetic Seamless Tubes & Lamitubes

Polytype Converting

Polytype Converting - Swiss

Complete Coating Lines for: Online & Offline systems for release material & label stock, packaging, paper converting & specialties

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