Aluminium Industry

Aluminium Is the Most Versatile Metal

Aluminium offers the Best Moisture & Oxygen Barrier in Packaging

Aluminium also finds application in Car Bodies & Lithium Ion Electrodes

Solutions Offered

We provide the technology and know how to make the following products.

Aluminium Foil 

Aluminium foil finds use in flexible packaging, pharma blisters and cable wraps. Aluminium foil is produced by rolling process. 

Li Ion Battery Foil

Battery Foil 

Hi-Tech Aluminium foil is used in the production of Li Ion Battery electrodes. We offer complete solution to make Li Ion Battery foil.

Aluminium Foil Stock

Alu Foil Stock

Aluminium foil stock is used in the production of Aluminium foil. Alu Foil Stock is produced by cold rolling Hot Rolled Aluminium Coil.

Aluminium Plates

Aluminium plates are used many applications ranging from ship building, flooring, roofing etc. They are produced in cut sheet form.

Aluminium Auto Body Stock

Auto Body Stock

Aluminium is extensively used in building lightweight car bodies  without compromising strength. EVs depend largely on Aluminium.

Lithographic Plate

Aluminium is the material of choice in making lithographic plates for the printing industry. Plates are made by Cold Rolling.

Aluminium Can Stock

Alu CAN Stock

Aluminium CAN stock is used to make Aluminium Cans. Achenbach offers complete rolling mills to manufacture CAN stock

Aluminium Containers

Alu Foil Containers

Alufoil containers stay bright and reflective throughout processing and marketing. They can be embossed, colour lacquered or printed.

KItchen Foil

Aluminium foil is used in household and catering kitchens to wrap and pack food for storage and transport.

Oil Recovery Tech

Oil mist produced during the rolling process in aluminium FRP production can be recovered using the Achenbach Airpure System.

OptiFoil Slitters

Achenbach offers a complete slitting program starting from Doubler, Separator, Rewinder, Heavy Gauge Slitter, Jumbo Slitter etc

Principals of Interest


Achenbach - Germany

Aluminium Foil Rolling Mill, Strip Mill, Cold Rolling Mill, Hot Rolling Mill, Heavy Metal Rolling Mill

Foil Slitter, Rewinder, Doublers

Anistek - Germany

Aluminium Foil Container Press & Moulds, 
High Production Servo Systems - 4,5 Cavity, 
Patented - Mono 500 - Single Cavity System 

Italwork Rolls - Italy

Aluminium Foil Re-Reelers,
Packaging Lines, Blade Edgers
Complete Packaging System

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