Gruppo Cerutti

Rotogravure Printing Press


The "trolley-type" gravure press where speed of job change-over and flexibility count.

Rotogravure Press R98x

Technical Specifications

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  • Web width: Standard 1300 mm; Optional: 800 mm, 900 mm, 1000 mm, 1100 mm, 1200 mm, 1400 mm, 1500 mm
  • Printing cylinder standard repeat range: 450 – 920 mm; Optional: 400 – 920 mm, 400 - 1000 mm, 450 -1000 mm
  • Suitable for printing: Film, annealed unsupported aluminum foil, paper laminates and carton-board (max web width in this last case 820 mm)
  • Drying system: Each printing unit can be equipped with drying hoods of different length, with thermal oil heating
  • Max design speed: 500 m/min
  • Available models: Also available in the air chuck version


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Complete wash up of printing cylinder and inking system (ink tank off the trolley) is possible as an option.

New generation drying system with:

  1. Improved accessibility to the drying hoods
  2. Improved efficiency of floor sweeping system
  3. Energy saving.

The gravure trolley carries: 

  • The printing cylinder (bearing fitted to the printing unit side frames)
  • The complete inking system, including ink pan(s), ink splash guards, ink tank with pump
  • The trolley replacement is carried out by one single operator thanks to servo mechanism
  • Replacement possibility of
  1. printing cylinder only
  2. inking system only
  3. printing cylinder and inking system at the same time

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