Gruppo Cerutti

Rotogravure Printing Press


The innovative press for very short to medium production runs. The printing stations are equipped with on-board wash-up system and feature completely automatic job change-over operations.

Rotogravure Press R972

Technical Specifications

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  • Production length: Very short to medium production runs
  • Printing cylinder repeat: 400 - 800 mm (other repeat ranges as option)
  • Reel outer diameter: 1.000 mm on unwinder and rewinder
  • Web width: 800 – 1.400 mm
  • Printing cylinders: Integral type or sleeve type on through shaft or sleeve type (air chuck version)
  • Suitable for printing: Standard films, paper
  • Max design speed: 400 m/min


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Thanks to its innovative and original technical solutions, our new press R972 represents a competitive solution capable of allowing a different approach to the short to medium run productions. An accurate use of the automation allows this press to achieve considerable savings in its relevant running costs, with the advantage of reducing the amount of its non-productive down-times:

  • Simplified and faster job change-over operations; faster preparation of parts for new production; thus savings in terms of start-up/running waste
  • Reduction of the ink return at the end of each production resulting in lower running costs
  • Less personnel required (both on the press and off the press)
  1. To operate the press
  2. During part make-ready
  3. During job change-over


Versions available for:

  • Printing cylinders with shafts, locked by automatic clamping mechanism
  • Sleeve type hollow printing cylinders with air chuck pneumatic locking

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