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For over 70 years we have been setting standards in the wallpaper industry with our innovative production facilities. This continuous innovation has made us the largest supplier of machines for this particular industry today. In the last twelve years alone, our engineers and process specialists have implemented hundreds of projects - including more than 60 combined printing systems for the pan-European wallpaper industry.

Machines from OLBRICH offer you maximum productivity and economy as well as an extraordinary variety of application possibilities. You can rely on our personal advice, punctual deliveries and detailed documentation of all relevant parameters.

Olbrich is the World Leader in Production Lines for the Wallpaper Industry

Complete Solution for Wallpaper


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With coating systems from OLBRICH you can rely on maximum precision and maximum reproducibility. The individual components of our machines are accurate to a tenth of a millimetre. At the same time you have the choice between various wallpaper coating processes and media.

Our systems offer you maximum production reliability and first-class results. For example, you can produce high-quality coatings for duplex and simplex wallpapers, PVC compact or hot embossed wallpapers and foam wallpapers - with paper or non-woven backing as desired.

The working widths of our coating systems are 1,200 millimeters, the production speeds up to 100 meters per minute. The coating weights range from 60 to well over 600 grams per square meter. Due to the special ease of cleaning of our machines, you benefit from a favorable ratio between production and cleaning times.

Your advantage at OLBRICH: Our industrial coating systems are universally scalable, so that you can also produce larger quantities if required.


  • Coatings with screen coating heads
  • Reverse-Roll-Coater (RRC)
  • PVC coating lines
  • Integration of printing processes

Printing and Varnishing

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With OLBRICH machines for printing and varnishing wallpaper, you achieve maximum efficiency and minimized scrap quantities. At average production speeds of typically 70 to 80 meters per minute, the mechanical speed is twice as high. Various printing technologies are possible. At the same time, you can also produce small batch sizes particularly economically.

With our combined systems for coating, printing and embossing in register, you also benefit from further efficiency and speed advantages - for example in the production of compact and foam wallpapers.


  • Gravure printing units
  • Screen printing units
  • Flexographic printing units
  • Combined printing plants


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With our effective machines and plants for the drying of wallpapers you will achieve optimal results. Temperature stability and constant air velocities have the highest priority for uniform and gentle drying. In the development phase, we use computer simulations as well as trials with dryers in our technical centre for your project.

The working widths of our energy-efficient drying systems are 1,200 millimeters, the production speeds 60 to 80 meters per minute. To ensure the consistent drying quality of your wallpaper, our systems guarantee maximum temperature accuracy across the entire product width - with the highest repeat accuracy.

Depending on the product, you can choose between upper air systems or a combined upper and lower air system for high performance with large coating weights. Your systems are particularly flexible with independently adjustable recirculation and exhaust air control.


  • Top Air Dryer
  • Upper and lower air dryers


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Laminating and bonding machines are currently only used occasionally in the wallpaper industry for duplex wallpapers and for commercial wallpapers.

Do you have special requirements for laminating and laminating wallpapers? Our machinery specialists will be pleased to advise you in detail and also implement special solutions for complex tasks.

Embossing & Smoothing

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Inspire your customers with unique surface structures - with embossing machines from OLBRICH. This opens up completely new possibilities for innovative products. We are happy to integrate embossing and smoothing processes into your existing systems.

With efficient machines from OLBRICH, you can rely on maximum production reliability and first-class results. For example, you can achieve high-quality embossing and smoothing results for duplex/simplex wallpapers, PVC compact or hot embossed wallpapers as well as foam wallpapers - optionally with paper or fleece backing. The repeat accuracy can be as good as +/- 0.25 millimetres over the entire coating, printing and embossing range.

With OLBRICH embossing and smoothing system concepts, you also benefit from our "Cross Knowledge" from many other industrial sectors, for which we have been producing corresponding machines for decades.


  • Embossing of surface structures
  • In-register embossing (EIR)
  • Hot vinyl embossing lines
  • Smoothing of product layers


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With OLBRICH's know-how, you can be sure of greater efficiency and noticeable time savings everyday. Prefabrication of wallpapers with our product winders makes it easier for you to further process them in subsequent lines - with maximum reliability.

With our systems you can rely on maximum production reliability and first-class results. For example, you can implement high-quality finishing solutions for duplex/simplex wallpapers, PVC compact or hot embossed wallpapers or foam wallpapers.

In the wallpaper winding machine sector, OLBRICH offers market-leading cutting-edge technologies: Today, several hundred winding machines are in use in international companies of the wallpaper industry worldwide.


  • Rolls with and without core
  • Automatic length measurement
  • Setting the winding hardness of the wallpaper rolls

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