MECCANOPLASTICA SRL specialization is in the design, manufacture and installation of plastics machinery for Extrusion Blow moulding (EBM) and Injection Blow moulding machines (IBM).

The historical founding structure has been enhanced with a new generation of managers and technicians. The focus today is addressing the evolving needs of production blow moulding processors while respecting the technical traditions the company was founded upon.

The goal today is to continue to be a world class provider of both EBM and IBM plastics blow moulding machines.
The company mission and top priority remain customer satisfaction and product excellence.

MP Series

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The Continuous Extrusion Blow Moulding machines in this series provides a Mould carriage stroke on 15° inclined-columns.
This series is suitable to produce 5ml containers, up to a maximum volume of 5L.
This series includes both hydraulic and hybrid machinery.

HL Series

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The HL series Extrusion Blow Moulding machines stand out for the Mould- Carriage stroke on horizontal prismatic guides and the “UP & DOWN” movement of the extruder by electric motor (“Bobbing”).

According to their design, these systems are particularly suitable for both very high production (multi cavity), as well as the implementation of containers of up to 15 litres in volume.

Electric HE Series

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As well as being very quiet, the Extrusion Blow Moulding machines of the full-electric HL series ensure extremely high performance levels to ensure fast and accurate movements.

They allow for lower production consumption and are suitable for the production of containers of up to 20 litres in volume.

MECS Series

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The MECS series stands out for its use of well-established hydraulic technology to move and open-close moulds.

The cutting-edge electrical solutions of this series are designed and made to limit energy consumption, which is achieved by rotating the extruder screw through an Electric motor fitted with an Inverter.

The machines provided as part of this series are perfect to make Jerry-cans and Technical items ranging from 10 to 25L.

Jet Series

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The JET series is unique in its kind on the Injection-Blow Moulding machinery sector.

Meccanoplastica was the first firm on global markets to make this kind of machinery, featuring fully electric movements.

This is why the models of the JET series (JET55 – JET55/L – JET120)  are ideal for applications where you need to ensure there are no polluting agents when the container is made, thereby also ensuring considerable energy savings.

Therefore, the JET series is suitable for production purposes in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector.  Suitable to make small bottles with a volume capacity from 5ml to 250ml and with variants in relation to the areas where the moulds are placed with a varying number of cavities.

MIPET Series

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In 2011, with the creation of MeccanoPlastica Iberica, we started making fully electric PET Preforms Stretch-Blow Moulding machinery called the MIPET series in Spain (Barcelona).

These Two-stage PET Preforms Stretch-Blow Moulding machines are ideal to make PET containers ranging from 100 ml to 10L.

These systems are becoming increasingly popular in various manufacturing sectors and not just the liquid food one.

As well as being extremely high quality product like all of MeccanoPlastica’s machinery, the fully electric PET Preforms Stretch-Blow Moulding machines (SBM) of this series stand out for the following features:

  • High production speed
  • Extremely low energy consumption
  • Technical solutions that make them practical and user-friendly for operators

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