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Precision tools for exceptional products

BREYER flat sheet dies are developed with state-of-the-art software, built in 3D design, and manufactured on CNC machines. They get their high-quality finish through the selection of materials and coating depending on the application, combined with a professional polish. Decades of experience and control of the complete extrusion process enable this perfection.   


The program includes single layer and multi-layer dies, with widths of up to 2800 mm. The dies are used for manufacturing flat films (typical thickness range of 0.05 - 1.5 mm) and also for sheet production (thickness of 1 - 25 mm).

All common thermoplastics as well as so-called engineering plastics can be processed. BREYER dies are used in BREYER extrusion lines but also in systems from other manufacturers.

Breyer Film & Sheet
Die Types

Single layer Dies

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Trust with precision

The modular BREYER product programme can be combined with a multitude of utilisations.

The quality of film and sheet starts with flat sheet dies. Their high level of manufacturing grade, equal distribution quality and conduit surface performance have an impact on the quality and therefore the success of the final product. Investing in high-quality technology pays off with premium product  quality.

Rapid lip gap adjustment
By using smooth-running mechanics the die lip can be readjusted within an area         of ± 2,5 mm particularly fast and during running production. Shorter reversal times and raw material reduction will have an economical impact on your production. 

Co-Extrusion Dies

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The combination of single-layer dies and co-extrusion feedblock allows flexible layer configurations to produce more complex composite films and sheets with fast changeover-times.

A further interesting matter is the combination of multi-channel die and a coextrusion feedblock. In this way different layer designs are possible.

Multi-Channel Extrusion Dies

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The choice is yours. And therefore a lot of possibilities.

Multi-channel dies are suitable when the processed materials have varying flow characteristics and an extrusion via co-extrusion feedblock does not allow a satisfying coating allocation.

Multi-channel dies have a separate distribution channel for each layer specifically aligned for the given material. These multi-channel dies are available with two, three and four channels. They are suitable for the production of films and sheets.

All BREYER Single- and Multi-channel dies are available with automatic adjustment unit.

Rapid lip gap adjustment
By using smooth-running mechanics the die lip can be readjusted within an area of ± 2,5 mm particularly fast and during running production. Shorter reversal times and raw material reduction will have an economical impact on your production.

Automatic Dies

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Controlled quality for a smooth production

With the combination of a BREYER automatic die and thickness measuring system you can control the complete process and simultaneously monitor the complete production.

With an automatic die you secure your production process. The manual post adjustment of the die is unnecessary. Thermally controlled adjustment bolts automatically take over the adjustment process. BREYER film and sheet dies are constructed in a way that they can be retrofit with an automatic unit.

For an expanded lip gap opening automatic dies can also be equipped with a rapid lip gap adjustment.

Automatic Dies with MFCS Technology

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Saving material with fast start up

With flat sheet dies using MFCS technology (melt flow control system) the melt profile is adjusted automatically, without the use of mechanical actuators.

The responding time is extremely short; the setting profile can be saved and recalled. Furthermore a manual preset of the sheet die is not necessary, it runs fully automated. These sheet dies are built extremely slim which allows an in-depth dipping into the polishing nip.


  • Optimized thickness profile at die discharge
  • Reduced linear pressure in the roller gap resulting in reduced tension in the film
  • Faster adjustment of thinner film thicknesses resulting in reduced startup waste and economically more efficient production
  • Dies do not need to be adjusted manually, allowing for faster startup. Ideally, the reduction can be up to 75% for thin film
  • Fewer operating errors
  • Extremely slim die build
  • Formula relevant die setting (can be saved and recalled) 

Optional Additional Equipment

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BREYER film and sheet dies are available with the following additional equipment:

  • Rapid lip gap adjustment
  • optimised die shape
  • Restrictor bar
  • Deckling systems
  • Collision protection
  • Thickness measuring systems
  • Control system
  • Die suspension
  • Die carriage

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