Achenbach OPTIROLL®

Automation System

The integrated, modulary built rolling mill automation system Achenbach OPTIROLL® i3 is used in all Achenbach OPTIMILL® rolling mills and plays a key role in modernization of existing rolling mills of all brands. OPTIROLL convinces in its integrated approach especially with efficient model-based control functions and open interfaces, comprising the following 6 control modules.

The cloud-based platform Achenbach OPTILINK® opens the way to the overall system networking of the various value creation stages and therefore to the optimization of the entire production process. 

Key Features


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MillModelling - module of reliable process simulations to achieve presetting, optimum presentation of all actuator characteristics (incl. pass schedule calculation) and narrowest tolerances also in transient rolling phases

  • Roll force and friction models
  • Roll temperature models
  • Roll blending and roll gap profile models
  • Strip/Slab temperature models
  • Pass schedule calculation (hot rolling)


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MillView - module of user-friendly visualizations to achieve transprent, comprehensible and ergonomic display and control panels as well as highly efficient data processing

  • HMI of all i3 modules
  • Production data recording and evaluation
  • Process data analysis
  • Reliable diagnostic and maintenance tools
  • Interface to MES and ERP systems


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  • MillGauge - module of high-precision strip thickness control to achieve narrowest thickness tolerances even at maximum rolling speeds and in transient rolling phases
  • Roll gap control
  • Strip thickness control
  • Strip back tension control
  • Model-based roll eccentricity compensation


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MillFlat - module of highly dynamic strip flatness control to achieve absolutely flat strips even at maximum rolling speeds and in transient rolling phases

  • Basic data interface to Achenbach UniFlat® flatness measuring roll
  • Roll bending control of work ans intermediate rolls
  • Roll gap tilting control 
  • Intermediate roll shifting control (6-high)
  • Roll cooling control for Achenbach UniSpray® nozzle valve header
  • Hot edge control system (HES)
  • DVC control for dynamic backup roll crown variation (4-high)


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MillDrive - module of digital drive control to achieve precise and stable roll torques and strip tensions even in transient rolling phases

  • Drive concepts in AC and DC technology 
  • Speed master, speed and torque control by superordinate, highly dynamic functional modules
  • Synergy with MillGauge


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MillMove - module of digital sequence control of sensors and actuators with sefety interlocks for man and machine

  • Movements and interlocks of the rolling mill
  • Movements and interlocks of coil and spool transport
  • Movements and interlocks of coil preparation and inspection
  • Control and interlocks of media flow and media conditioning


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