Achenbach OPTIPURE®


Achenbach rectification systems thermally separate tramp oils from the rolling oil and redirect the rolling oil into the production cycle in as-good-as-new quality. They are always tailored to the specific operation purpose. 

Together with the Achenbach SUPERSTACK® filtration systems and the Achenbach AIRPURE® exhaust air purification systems, they handle the entire exhaust air and coolant flow in the rolling process.  

Key Features

Technical Specifications

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  • Volume flow: 100 to 1000 l/h
  • Rolling oil pureness: 99.99%

Key Features

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  • Extremely compact design 
  • Dry-running vacuum pumps
  • Exchange packings with high separation accuracy
  • Individual presetting of the system parameters 
  • Energy-efficient rectification column optimized for pressures < 1 mbar
  • Integrated electric heater 
  • Programming of tank switchover
  • Stand-alone concept 
  • Fully automatic system control with auto start and remote maintenance


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