Achenbach OPTIFOIL®

JumboSlit® Slitter

Achenbach slitting machines type JumboSlit serve for slitting thin aluminium as well as copper and brass foils or compound materials to small strips of minimum 10 mm width; they are tailored to the specific operation purpose. 

For each new foil slitting machine or those to be modernized, a holistic approach to perfectly sychronize mechanics, hydraulics, automation and drive technology in their complex interaction is applied.


JumboSlit® Separator


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OPTIFOIL JumboSlit works with two oppositely arranged winding units and comes in three different designs:

  • Swivel winder
  • Single winding station
  • High-speed turret winder

Every JumboSlit features very short material transport paths and a highly precise slitting device, equipped with shear-cut, rotary shear-cut or razor-blade technology. Material feeding and finished roll handling are highly customizable.

A variety of useful automation and process engineering options allows the system to be easily adapted to individual customer requirements. Examples include:

  • Material threading device
  • Media applicator
  • Blade mounting aids, adjustment aids and loading aids
  • Various types of shell positioning devices such as core box or laser positioning

Technical Specifications

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  • Speeds: up to 800 m/min
  • Foil thicknesses: of 25 µm to 400 µm
  • Rewinding diameters: up to 1,350 mm
  • Finish coil weights: up to 5,000 kg

Key Features

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  • Frictional operation
  • Integrated oil applicator with individually adjustable oil application rollers
  • Rewinding concept with stable, pivoted winding arms in combination with hydro pneumatic contact roller system
  • Integration of customer-specific measuring systems: surface inspection, inspection of paint defects, etc.
  • Integrated stable slitting section with top knife shaft or single knife holder
  • Guide frame
  • Unwinder with lifting function


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The slitter type JumboSlit slits large rolls for end products such as:

  • Coffee & tea capsules
  • Converted foil
  • Plastic foil
  • Aseptic foil


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 The cloud-based platform Achenbach OPTILINK® opens the way to the overall system networking of the various value creation stages and therefore to the optimization of the entire production process. 

Integrative Technology

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As a system provider, Achenbach follows an integrative approach by offering installation-wide solutions that incorporate multiple individual components. This single source concept lets us design a production process that is optimally tailored to your needs, from rolling to slitting to further processing.

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