Achenbach OPTIFOIL®

HeavySlit® Slitter

Achenbach slitting machines type HeavySlit serve for slitting stronger aluminium as well as copper and brass foils huge finish rolls in narrow strips of minimum 10 mm width. Designed either with pivoted or horizontally shiftable rewinding unit they are always tailored to the specific operation purpose. 

For each new foil slitting machine or those to be modernized, a holistic approach to perfectly synchronize mechanics, hydraulics, automation and drive technology in their complex interaction is applied.


HeavySlit® Separator


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HeavySlit generally comes in two different designs:

  • with swivel winder
  • with horizontally movable winder

Every HeavySlit features very short material transport paths and a highly precise slitting device, equipped with either shear-cut or rotary shear-cut technology. Material feeding and finished roll handling are highly customizable.

A variety of useful automation and process engineering options allows the system to be easily adapted to individual customer requirements. Examples include:

  • Rewinding design with removal handling for re-reeling
  • Material threading device
  • Media applicator
  • Single contact roller system (Achenbach-patented)
  • Blade mounting aids, adjustment aids and loading aids
  • Various types of spool positioning devices such as core box or laser positioning

Technical Specifications

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  • Speeds: up to 1,000 m/min
  • Foil thicknesses: 30 µm to 600 µm
  • Rewinding diameters: up to 2,000 mm
  • Coil weights: up to 15,000 kg

Key Features

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  • Adaptive rewinding and pressure system with four operation modes
  • Stable, highly precise slitting cassette with optional axial micro-adjustment
  • Patented single contact roller system at the rewinder 
  • Integrated oil applicator with individually adjustable oil application rollers 
  • Rewinding concept mechanically decoupled from the main machine
  • Automatic integration of following further processing and packaging systems
  • Quick changing device for winding shafts 


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The slitter type HeavySlit produces finished rolls as the starting material for end products such as:

  • Heat exchanger fins
  • Tube stock
  • Semi-rigid food containers
  • Closure stock


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 The cloud-based platform Achenbach OPTILINK® opens the way to the overall system networking of the various value creation stages and therefore to the optimization of the entire production process. 

Integrative Technology

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As a system provider, Achenbach follows an integrative approach by offering installation-wide solutions that incorporate multiple individual components. This single source concept lets us design a production process that is optimally tailored to your needs, from rolling to slitting to further processing.

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