Integrative Tech

As a system provider, Achenbach follows an integrative approach by offering installation-wide solutions that incorporate multiple individual components. 

This single source concept lets us design a production process that is optimally tailored to your needs, from rolling to slitting to further processing. Achenbach develops and builds rolling mills, slitting machines and key auxiliary systems at a single location in Kreuztal-Buschhutten.

This allows for economies of scale to the ultimate benefit of operators. The interfaces between design and implementation are systematically minimized to meet the needs of the customer in terms of quality and optimal productivity.

Integrative Tech
Key Features

Reproducible Quality

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The excellence of each individual machine along with a consistent link between the machines and systems themselves are the keys to the highly productive manufacturing of premium aluminum flat-rolled products. 

Each Achenbach machine is already in itself a benchmark. By combining multiple technologies, the competitive advantages to the customer are further increased.

Optimized Material Flow

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The Achenbach single source concept guarantees optimal material flow in the production process without interface losses. Achenbach works together closely with each customer to design the best concept for each scenario, be it the modernization of an existing facility or a greenfield project.

Integrative Technology

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