Svecom PE

Solventless Lamination - Futura

Version completely updated and performance improved suitable for laminating with critical barrier coating: innovations on coating and lamination groups available with rubber roll for the adhesive application with changeable sleeve directly in the machine without extra trolleys and other equipment.

The rolling assembly is composed of 4 rollers controlled by independent motors of the type AC Vector.

The company was founded in the year 1953 as PICCOLO ESPANSIBILE and with the passage of years has changed its name until the current name "SVECOM - P.E. S.r.l."
Reliability, technical competence and commitment have been and still are the ingredients of a success that is not decreasing.

In 1985 there was the transfer of the new and current headquarters in Via della Tecnica, while the original headquarters of Via Callesella since then is used for heat treatment of metals (both Svecom that on behalf of third parties).

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