Italwork Rolls

Multi-Packaging Lines



Our multi-purposes plants are the most versatile of our rolls packaging lines since through one combined group of machinery it may be secured a box packaging and/or shrink wrapping and/or flow packing or household rolls.

The easy composition and synchronization of our converting-packaging machinery allows to satisfy any market request. 

For Stretch Film


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This is one of the classic combined plants which starts from a rewinding machine and by which the rolls packaging may be done through an automatic cartoner into box (or forming-closing machine FPH-GWP) + a shrink-wrapping unit as rolls plastic packaging.


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This is another highly requested multi purposes plant which is equipped with an automatic rewinding machine and a cartoner (or forming-closing machine FPH-FWP) for box packing  + the flow packing unit in order to secure the household rolls packing either into box or enveloped in plastic film.


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This is the most versatile multi packaging combined plant since after rolls production (through rewinding machine) we have available three different types of roll packaging: boxing through automatic cartoner (side loading) or through forming-closing machine (top loading) and by plastic film packaging through enveloping and shrink wrapping and flow packing.


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