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Blade Edgers For Blanks 

Our automatic blade edging machine range are unique machines available on the market, engineered for the application using hot-melt glue at very high speed and precise positioning of a box blade (the “saw”); it may be plastic (transparent or matt) plastic metallized (gold or silver offering a ‘metal effect’), paper based (cellulose, kraft, treated thick, etc..), light aluminium and other materials too.

The paper saw fixing grants the possibility to integrally eliminate the package waste (box, core and blade) that are all paper-based, which means the lowest eco-impact.

The raw materials for the production of the blade (plastic, paper, metallized and aluminium jumbo rolls) can be purchased directly from the machine user and not compulsory supplied by the machinery producer itself. In fact our blade edgers have been engineered to be fed with your own raw material, to be practical at operating, fast as setting up procedures, easy as maintain.

Plastic, Paper, Metallized & Aluminium Blades


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The basic version schedules a manual feeding and unloading of blanks.

Extremely versatile, the MPMK model is suitable to apply all kinds of material’s blades (plastic, paper, metallized, aluminum foil, etc.) either on standard and corrugated blanks.

This machinery may be also used to apply all different blade materials on household blanks and pre-glued boxes.

Its performances are related to the operator’s ability and in the average may be considered approx. 700/1100 blades/hours.


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The machine operating of this high performance semi-automatic blade edger schedules the manual blanks feeding on the conveyor. Then it becomes fully automatic since blanks are automatically displaced into the blade forming/gluing area. Also the creation and the gluing of the blade on the blanks and the final product unloading are automatically executed.

The mechanical production may reach values up to 40-60 pcs/minute in accordance with operator and materials characteristics.

As per the automatic version, the SPMK is able to apply different kinds of blades on household and catering blanks (E-flute corrugated). It may be also fed with pre-glued boxes.


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This is the basic fully automatic model of our blade edging machine range. It’s engineered to apply all the different kind of blade materials (plastic, metallized, paper, alu. Etc.) either on household and catering blanks (compact body). It’s able to reach production up to 160-200 blades (min.).


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This is our high speed and fully automatic blade edging machine complete with cycle control through electronic drivers with integrated PLC and related brushless motors, touch-screen operator panel control, high technology hot melt gluing unit with electro-magnetic gun, special narrow diameter nozzle, high-frequency generator suitable for high production performances and high precision blade fixing. This system reduces the energy consumption up to 20% and the glue consumption.

The cut operating cycle is managed by brushless motor.

Its blade applying device is suitable for fast adjustment of upward and downward movements. It also secures a quick operating for easy cleaning of the area.

This highly profitable blade edger secure production performances up to 200/240 blades per minute.


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The APMK TOP HN are the high performance top version of our blade edgers managed by brushless motors and PLC controls which also includes roll holding shaft to bear blade mother-rolls up to 800 mm. diameter. This unit is motorized and includes automatic blade material unwinding loop electronic control. Remote control system through dedicated device and electronic board on fixed phone line.

These models are able to reach – in accordance with blank-blade characteristics and specific versions (like APMK-TOP.HN11 or APMK-TOP.HN12) – mechanical production performances from 220/260 up to 300/340 blades/minute.

These amazing performances have been reached through an innovative and very high technology and thanks to a great hot melt gluer (400 dots/sec) engineered for high precision operating at the lowest consumption, scheduled for the glue application through continuous lines and on request may be setup a program for glue application through intermittent line. This unit includes a dedicated gun and special small diameter nozzle for the minimum possible glue quantity releasing.

On request may be added an extra curved outlet conveyor necessary to displace the end products back to blank feeder area, speeding up the feeding-stacking open.


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This equipment is the new generation of our in line blade edging groups which may be added into vertical or compact forming closing machines.

They secure the application of the blade on the flat blank coming from the feeder of a (vertical or a compact) forming closing machine. This equipment is suitable to apply the various material blades (plastic, paper, metallized) and assures an in line practical blade application inside a unique operating cycle.

Our blade edging group may be scheduled in line with folding gluing machine for a customized application specifically engineered to create – trough a dedicated special blanks conveyor – a continuous displacement of the end products coming from the blade edger (blank with saw) to the folding gluing machine feeder.


Aluminium Blades


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Our manual aluminum saw edger is based on blade application by riveting).

The SMK reaches out-put in accordance with machine operator’s ability (up to 600/900 blades/hour) securing the same quality results like the automatic version.

The model SMK is mainly dedicated to apply the saw on the catering box blanks, but can also rivet the blade on household blanks.


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The model AMK is our automatic alu saw edging machine which apply on the household box blank an aluminum blade. The machine automatically takes, from the blanks storing unit, the carton blanks which are conveyed and positioned over the saw application zone.

The alu blade is obtained by cutting from a metallic strip coming from the mother-roll and automatically riveted on the carton blank. Always automatically the machine unload the finished product (blanks with saw applied) on a suitable belt conveyor.

Thanks to a specific engineered design and advanced technology the automatic version mod. AMK secures a great reliability and high production performances up to 5000/7000 blades/hour, always keeping an easy operating and limited maintenance. The machine apply by riveting the saw starting from a jumbo roll of aluminium foil. The blade will be applied on the edge or alternatively on the internal area of the blanks.


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