Achenbach is a global provider of non-ferrous metal rolling mills and foil slitting machines for the non-ferrous metal and finishing industry. Achenbach machinery and equipment are used in production in around 60 countries around the world.

Achenbach is a strong brand in the market for rolling mills for aluminum, copper, zinc and their alloys and is recognized worldwide for its high quality machines and equipment. It is the global market leader for Achenbach OPTIMILL® aluminum thin strip and foil rolling mills, rolling mill automation and rolling oil microfiltration systems.

Achenbach is also known worldwide for its Achenbach OPTIFOIL® brand, which includes foil slitting machines, essentially doublers, separators and slitters for aluminum foil and slitters for monolayer films and laminates.

Established in 1452

Global market leader for Aluminum thin strip and foil rolling mills

Product Group 2 - OPTIFOIL® - Slitting Machines

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Aluminium Foil Production Plant

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