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Water Emergency   -  Compak Aqua Skid


Compak Aqua Skid fulfils the demand for a small, space saving and easy adaptable packaging machine in the medium capacity range for the packaging of potable water into flexible sterile pouches.

The machine can conveniently produce pouches from an inside sterile tubular film with only two sealings, on top and on bottom of the pouch. Starting from an internally sterile tubular is a great advantage as the complete sterilization of the produced bags is guaranteed and this system is favorable for the long term preservation of the packed water.

Great importance has been dedicated to the design of the machine: high quality, use friendly approach and easiness in the maintenance were the goals to be achieved. The developed machine has been built so that all elements are easily accessible to keep the maintenance cost as lower as possible.

In no way the safety of the operator when using the machine has been neglected: the Compak Aqua Skid is in fact equipped with all safety devices corresponding to the latest local accident prevention directions.

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