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Laser Perforation


The added value of perishable food is significantly determined by the product's shelf life. A typical example is the so-called convenient food packaging which means prepared and completely packed fresh meals with salad or vegetables that can be prepared at home in a very short time.


New laser perforation technologies allow selective perforation of micro holes into the packaging. In order to create the ideal atmosphere within the package, micro perforated foils adjust to the breathability of the product and adapt to the amount of oxygen. Today, gas exchange can be controlled in order to accelerate ripening of cheese. In addition the micro perforation balances the vapor pressure which is created during heating of already packaged products in the microwave.


Laser Perforation For Various Applications:

> Consistent Hole Quality - StarPack WD , StarPack Pouch

> Packaging for Fresh Food - StarPack WD , StarPack Pouch

> Vapour Pressure Valve - - StarPack WD , StarPack Pouch


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