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Sun Master 540 - Gear Train

The paper bag making machine Sun Master 540, fed by reel, has been designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags with handles, from the medium up to the biggest formats. The Sun Master 540 is equipped with an handle making unit witch is in line with the paper bag making machine (International Patent). 
This solution gives many advantages as for example a reduction of the overall machine dimension, easy control and operation and a very simple and reliable handle application system to the web. 
The bag bottom formation is done by a linear section of the machine, instead of a drum, granting immediate accessibility and control of the machine operation, best comfort for operator and ease and speed-up of changeover, also allows to prepare new bag size outside the machine.


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Bag width 
Bag width with handle 
Bag length 
Bottom width 
Cut length 
Reel width 
Max. diameter of the reel 
Inner core diameter 
Weight of workable paper

220 - 540 mm
240 - 540 mm
320 - 650 mm
80 - 200 mm
400 - 780 mm
720 - 1430 mm
1500 mm
76 mm 
90 - 130 g/m2