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Protective Packaging  -   BubbleGuard® Flex

BubbleGuard® flex is a success made simple.
Its structure recalls the classical shape of corrugated cardboard (a regular “wave” laying on a thin flat base), but being made of 100% PolyPropylene, Ondubol®reaches new targets and performances. It’ s a perfect choice when you need a plastic material which is absolutely flexible in one direction, and stiffer in the other perpendicular one.  


Production Features

> Production: PP air bubble, PE air bubble, Bio air bubble, Air bubble/laminates
Format: mother roll with in-line slitting

> Core:  3"

> Width(mm): upto 3000mm

> Feeding: Gravimetric hopper feeder ; Multi-Component Dosing unit (opt.)

> Processing: Extruders 50/60/80/100/120/140/160/180 - L/D 30

> Forming: 3+3+3/5+5+5 layers

> Cooling: conformer roller

> Recycling : direct refeeding ; regranulator (opt.)

> Winding: Jumbowind® / Contactwind®

> UnWinding: Semi automatic unwinding stations

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