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Tube Extrusion Lines


When it comes to tube packaging for the cosmetics industry, perfection and a professional design are paramount. However, packaging must also be manufactured economically. With an extrusion line from Breyer you can satisfy both requirements.


Production Features

> Extruder: Single Screw Extruders with Screw Diameters of 45, 60 and 75 mm 
CoExtrusion: 2, 3 or 5-layered tubes. For Color Combination, barrier and other qualities. One system can be fitted with up to four extruders.

> Calibrator: Cools the extruded tube from 250deg to room temperature, and “calibration” with high accuracy. Ensures the tube retains shape, frozen-in strains are reduced. The calibrator is also fitted with tempering section and independent temperature control.

> Diameter Control: Laser measurement with digital display allows the user to set the tube diameter quickly and precisely.

> Cutting & Takeoff: With a maximun cutting speed of 300 cuts/min  the new generation is by 50% more effective than the former system. Via  display the tube length is  digitally  set and can be changed during full run. The range of diameter is  from  13,5 mm  to 60 mm.


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