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Technical Sheet Extrusion

Breyer offers extrusion plant to produce technical sheets from PP, PA, ABS, PS, PE, PVC, etc. These sheets are used as solid sheets, thermoformed sheets, foamed sheets or embossed sheets.

Production Features

> Extruder: Single-screw extruder with screw diameter between 30 - 250 mm. 
In-Line Compounding: BREYER and LEISTRITZ have formed a cooperation to provide this technology.

> Melt Pump: Patented BREYER pump control for rapid start up and re-start.

> Flat Sheet Die: Thickness of 100 - 3000 mm for film and sheet production. 

> Co-Extrusion: Optimum flow behaviour and uniform melt discharge are the result of carefully planned channel geometry.

> Calendar:  Solid Rolls, Roll Diameter from 300 - 600 mm, Roll Width up to 3000 mm.

> Corrugation: Corrugated sheets of various profiles can be manufactured on same system.

> Cutting: Length cutting saw with 2, 3 und 4 sawing units. Cross Cutting Saw for sheet width upto 3000 mm and thickness upto 25 mm.

> Stacking: Sheet stacking single or in sets, to the left or to the right or even in extrusion direction is either carried out on a pallet or lifting table.

> Visualisation: Operation and control of the complete extrusion line on screen.


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