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Multiwall Sheet Extrusion

Breyer offers extrusion lines for the production of multiwall sheets out of PC, PMMA and PET.  These sheets are used for roofs, shades, conservatories, etc.

Production Features

> Extruder: Single-screw extruder with screw diameter between 90-180 mm. 
Melt Pump: Patented BREYER pump control for rapid start up and re-start.

> Flat Sheet Die: Available with various profiles for manufacturing widths of up to 2100 mm.

> Co-Extrusion: Adapter systems (feed blocks) especially for the economic application of the UV coating as well as for multi-layer sheet 

> Calibrator: Extreme stability, the absence of any vibration and the unique surface finished of its calibration sheets. Perfectly coordinated vauum technology

> Tempering Furnace: The modular system permits the combination of one or more ovens in sequence. This means that every system can be fitted with the tempering lane it requires.

> Cutting: Length and cross cut to cut sheet thickness upto 50mm without shavings.

> Stacking: Sheet stacking single or in sets, to the left or to the right or even in extrusion direction is either carried out on a pallet or lifting table. 

> Visualisation: Operation and control of the complete extrusion line on screen.


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