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Film Extrusion Line - EVA Film

EVA encapsulation film now with higher quality and low shrinkage

Your benefits ...

> Huge output

> Fast start-up

> No interlayer-film

> No carrying paper/film

> No post-annealing

> Embossed or smooth surface

> For solar as well as other applications


Low shrinkage encapsulation film successfully tested.

A well-known producer of module laminators and modules co-operated and tested the film and was impressed with the almost contraction-free processing of the film. Neither in the arrangement of the cells nor of the "stringers" any misalignment could be detected. With the "Breyer process", EVA film with extremely low shrinkage values can be produced at reasonable output rates compared to the standard extrusion technology. Additionally a much higher adhesive strength could be achieved compared to commercially available products.


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