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Quantum Pro† -†† Voice Tube Headsets


Donít let the platinum good looks and sleek lines fool you. For all its state-of the-art features, the Quantum Pro Voice Tube is as practical and hardworking as it is stylish.


The simple push-button ADDLOCK makes changing from headband to earhook a convenient one-handed operation while a 270į adjustable microphone boom allows for easy flipping from ear to ear.


All-day comfort is complemented by the headsetís exceptional lightness and a self-aligning, floating earpiece that sits comfortably on the ear without pressing the userís head.


Product Features

> Exceptionally lightweight: in Ear Hook style weighs 27.5 grams

> Hinged voice tube microphone

> Self-aligning, floating earpiece

> Hi-fidelity speaker

> Acoustic shock limiting diode

> ADDLOCK push-button: choice of either over the head or over the ear useage.

> The lightweight ear hookís stabilising bar keeps it at a constant distance from the ear thereby eliminating pressure and ensuring greater comfort.

> Clickstop adjustable headband

> 2-year replacement warranty


Product Code: ADDQPRO

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