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Crinia -   Wireless Noise Cancelling Headsets


The Crinia C7 simplifies day to day tasks by seamlessly integrating your call management whether you are at the desk or on the move. The Crinia C7 is the only wireless headset with enhanced live swap technology. This means that as one LIVE SWAP™ module powers your headset, the other is charging in your base station.


Product Features

> Wireless Operating Frequency- DECT 6.0 / CAT-iq.

> Operating Range- Up to 150 metres. 

> Digital Encryption- 64-bit.

> DSP- Digital Signal Processing

> Telephone and PC Wideband Audio- Operating Frequency: 200 Hz - 3.5 kHz audio bandwidth in telephony, 200 Hz - 6.8 kHz full audio bandwidth using IP telephony.

> Dual Connection- Desk phone and PC softphone.

> Mix Calls & Switch Calls - Combine calls from your desk phone and PC softphone. Answer whichever device is ringing; default can be set by the user on the Crinia Home Software Suite. 

> Conferencing- Pair up to four Headsets to the same Base Station for 4-way conferencing.

> Touch Controls- First Headset with total operation by touch controls, using capacitive sensing technology. Identical controls on the Headset & Base Station for operator flexibility.

> Intelligent Power Adaptor- Optimises radio performance while reducing battery and power consumption Sleep mode available for power saving.

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Crinia Wireless Headset

Product Code: Crinia C7

Crinia C7 - A Closer Look from Crinia C7 on Vimeo.


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