Optifoil Doublers


The Achenbach OPTIFOIL® doubler are complete machines for doubling aluminium foil with a modern design. Doubling the foil is used for the preparation of rolling extremely thin foil up to 5 µm. To achieve this gauge, the two doubled foils are rolled together in the final pass.


Typical performance figures of the Achenbach OPTIFOIL® doubler (AFD):

  > Max. foil widths 2150 mm

  > Foil gauge range 2 x 10 µm to 2 x 90 µm

  > Max. running speeds 1400 m/min

  > Max. unwind and rewind diameters 2100 mm


Individual customer requirements are perfectly met by a number of design, automation and process modules.


State of the Art System

 > Constant foil guiding conditions during the complete doubling process; to achieve this, the position of the rewinder is linearly adjusted with increasing diameter

 > Reproducible winding tightness

 > Material threading device from both unwinders to the contact roller

 > Automated coil and empty spool handling

 > AC drive technology

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