Aluminium Foil Rolling Mill

Achenbach is world market leader in building aluminium foil rolling mills. Innovations, such as rolling of up to 6 µm thin foil to 2 m width at max. speeds of 2500 m/min as well as strip threading-in and threading-out on foil feeding tables, have been made by Achenbach.


Typical performance figures of Achenbach foil rolling mills:

> Strip thickness range from 0.7 mm down to 2 x 0.006 mm

> Strip width range up to 2150 mm

> Rolling speeds up to 2500 m/min

> Coil weights up to 6.5 kg/mm strip width


Achenbach Builds Foil Rolling Mills As:

Universal foil rolling mills for the strip thickness range of 0.7 mm up to 6 µm and low tonnages

Multiple-stand foil rolling mills for larger tonnages with two, three or even more rolling mills. Depending on the final thickness of the mill products, the foil rolling lines differ in:

  > Foil roughing mills with strip thicknesses between 0.7 mm and 0.02 mm

  > Foil intermediate mills with strip thicknesses between 0.08 mm and 0.01 mm

  > Foil finishing mills with strip thicknesses between 0.05 mm and 0.006 mm

  >The layout of each Foil rolling mill follows an integral approach, whereby mechanics, automation and drive technology perfectly interact. The mill automation system for high-speed rolling has OPTIROLL® i2, including model-based process optimization.

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