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Hi-Tech is well known in India as a technology provider. Today after over 30 years in the industry we are proud to say that our clients always approach us when they are looking out for new ideas.


Hi-Tech was the pioneer in offering technology for making

> Thermoforming of Disposable cups & containers

> Forming of Polypropylene sheet for various applications

> Thin Guage CPP Film

> Air bubble film production

> SolventLess Lamination

> Poly Propylene Bubbleguard Sheet Extrusion

> Cosmetic Seamless Tubes

> EVA Film for Solar Photovolataics

> Foam PVC Sheet production

> Special Food Packaging Pouches

> Laser Scribing System

> Continuous Paper Bag (Shopping Bag) making line

> Aluminium CAN Stock

> Finstock coating line

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